Want To Be Part of Something Fabulous and Exciting?

We are piloting a new service (an opportunity to access our service at no cost) and we would be SO excited if you took part! 

Ours is a new Quick Consult service, designed to help women receive high-quality information and support for their personal lives on everything sex, relationship and intimacy-related. Through our service, you share your situation or ask a question privately, and are matched with a Care Team of vetted cross-discipline sex and relationship experts (educators, therapists and nurses). In less than a week, you’ll receive our proprietary Care Package developed using a proven Solution-Focused Brief Therapy model: personalized, data-backed analysis, tools, resources and actionable next steps. Our Quick Consult service is entirely confidential and completely online for no-fuss ease and accessibility.

No situation is too big or small; we’ve received questions ranging from the physiological (am I normal “down there”? What if my partner is too big? Is it normal to bleed this long?) to the psychological (am I compatible with my partner? I can’t seem to orgasm with any partner, although I can on my own, what can I do?).

Interested? Just fill out this form to request a space in our pilot. Space is limited, so we are selecting applicants on a first-come, first-served basis. In exchange for our service, a $85 value, we only request that every participant sign up for a 10-minute phone call with our Customer Happiness Team to provide feedback on the service and experience.

Want more information? Check out our website or tweet us @isbel. And don’t forget to fill out this form to request a space on the pilot! 

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