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Is Sex as Good as Your HIIT Workout?

It’s not quite as big of a calorie burner as jogging, but it definitely burns more than walking. Actually, it’s more like a spin on the elliptical. In case you were wondering, we’re talking about sex. Sex, just like any other physical activity, is indeed a calorie burner, but what may be a surprise is that it is actually a pretty decent calorie burner. And it’s probably much more fun, too.

The average love making session can burn between 60 and 100 calories. Of course you have to take into account the length of time, the position or positions and your level of activity. How much you get out of this physical activity will determine just what you get out of it.

The physical benefits of sex

Stretching muscles, increasing your metabolism and boosting your immune system are the parts of sex that we don’t think about, but these benefits are too good to be ignored. Sex can get your heart rate up- 110 to 130 beats per minute even. This promotes healthy blood pressure and may even reduce your risk of heart disease, so, amazing bonus, sexual health and heart health are related.

Pelvic thrusting can tighten up your gluten and your abdomen, which can help you achieve a better posture. It can also help to strengthen your pelvic floor. While this is definitely a bonus, getting it on probably isn’t the best replacement for strength training, since you’re most likely not engaging all of your major muscle groups to their max using resistance- so don’t use sex as an excuse to skip your usual gym session.

HIIT workout benefits

A one hour HIIT session can burn between 500 and 900 calories, with the idea being that alternating between more intense and less intense exercises will create muscle confusion and encourage your body to produce results faster than other workouts. Now that’s an hour session, but 30 minutes is 250 to 450 calories and 15 minutes burns you 125 to 225 calories. How long are your love making sessions on average? Do the math and you may be surprised.

After a HIIT session your calorie burn may increase an additional 15% due to catching your breath. All of that extra oxygen your body is consuming is actually burning more calories. After all, you earned it. Depending on how you do it, sex offers very little calorie burn once the deed is done.

The comparison

Many people say that exercise is a stress reliever, and that they experience better and more restorative sleep. But sex often offers you the same thing. Not to mention that making love is probably much more entertaining than a workout.

Cardio, HIIT and other intense workouts can lead to higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone. Sex just isn’t built for that. In fact, it reduces cortisol while releasing feel good hormones like, oxytocin, dopamines and other endorphins. This is the reason for the euphoria we often experience post loving.

It’s already been documented that women who have a more active lifestyle and exercise regularly tend to have more active and fulfilling sex lives. Not only that, but they usually take less time to orgasm and are more easily aroused. Perhaps sex can be be your stand-in workout on rainy days or when getting to the gym just isn’t an option. Maybe you can make nookie part of your exercise regimen, taking the time to get sweaty with your parter before you hit your workout. You can have both, to your body’s delight.

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