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Why Multiple Insights are Helpful in Sex Therapy

Like the old saying points out, it’s never wise to limit yourself to only one possibility or option in life.  Variety is the spice of life, and our lives thrive on it in many ways.  Naturally, it would be absurd to consider limiting our social lives to having only one friend, or our education to taking only one course or reading only one book.  Even once we do decide on a single, preferred field of study, we aren’t satisfied to learn from only one teacher or instructor, but require many instructors, many courses, and many books.

Many streams feed a bountiful river

This same approach to multiplicity applies in all areas of our lives, particularly when we are searching for resources that can help improve or enhance our lives at different levels: the more support we can receive from different sources, the better!

When seeking support or advice, be it pertaining to your health, a lifestyle change such as a move, job, relationship or any other area of your life, it’s important to consider different ideas, get different perspectives and take various options into account in order to make a more informed and satisfying decision.  To be fully informed, you should be aware of all your options, understand the outcomes associated with each choice, and be able to weigh the pros and cons of each potential decision.

The same principle applies when shopping around for a sex therapist, or seeking support for sexual health concerns or  issues: Why settle for a little bit when you can have a lot? Or, why settle for a single point of view when you can receive various?

Imagine if, instead of only one source of feedback when you’re considering a life-altering decision or trying to more deeply understand a problem, you could have several sources, each bringing their own trained and specialized perspective.  This would make your entire decision-making process feel much more informed, more thorough, and it would help to seriously reduce the likelihood of feeling as though you rushed into something without knowing enough about it, or without having thought it through fully enough.

Problems are complex, and so are solutions

Rarely does any human life follow a steady course focused on only one subject with no variety of interests, distractions, or interactions.  Nor does any human being go through life without traversing a variety of moods, desires, goals, and passions.  Multiplicity is a natural part of life, and our lives depend on it in order to feel well rounded, and to feel that we are not limited in our view.  By gaining insight from various sources, our own perspective is made more complex and deepened.  The more varied and diverse our interactions, the more enlightened and vibrant our lives feel.

Each guide, mentor, teacher, counselor, therapist, or friend in our lives serves a unique purpose.  Each one guides us in a unique direction, and strengthens specific areas of our psyche and personality, contributing to different areas of growth and development in our lives, aligning with us in totally different and unique ways. From each source we derive different types of intelligence, emotional and psychological information, and different approaches to problems and their solutions.  Each source can be infinitely valuable to us, and if we pick our sources wisely, they can also complement and balance one another, each filling in areas that the other does not cover.

Surround yourself with people who support you in different ways

Cultivating different relationships with different friends, mentors, and coaches is also important in terms of your own multifaceted view of yourself and your development and self-expression in different aspects of your life. While your college friend who is a published poet may understand your secret artistic longings, your neighbor the personal trainer might be more well versed on nutritional supplements that can help improve your mood swings.  And your co-worker who’s just been through a divorce might actually be the best shoulder to cry on when you and your significant other are out of sorts.  All of them provide crucial types of support and each “get you” in different ways.  None eliminates the need for any of the others, and no one influence is lessened by the presence of the others.

While one source may be your go-to person for one particular type of problem or one specific context in your life, such as problems and dynamics at your place of employment, another may be more sensitive or responsive to other areas of your life such as sexual and intimate relationships.  Still another may be more tuned in to health matters and provide insights that help you address health concerns.  In a complex and well-rounded life, all of these are enriching, and all are ultimately essential in order to help us feel whole and complete.

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