Empowering women with intelligent care.

We are the most trusted place for women to receive support and guidance on their personal, private lives.

Meet Our Female Founders

Dominique Gagnon, Founder and CEO

Dominique has worked in new brand creation, for start-ups and large companies, for over 20 years. Her love of entrepreneurship began while growing up working in a family start-up, an import/distribution company that launched European brands into the US market. She since has worked on innovation and new growth initiatives for a number of national consumer brands including Skinny Cow, Nescafe, America's Test Kitchen, The Pampered Chef, Chrysler, and Mustela. She has a honors degree in Psychology from Wellesley College and a Harvard MBA, and resides in San Francisco, California.

Khaleelah Jones, Digital Marketing Director

Khaleelah has worked in the start up health and wellness sector for a decade. She has been part of teams that have grown user bases from scratch and raised over $18m in venture funding. She holds a PhD from the University of Bristol, an MA from King's College London and a BA from the College of William and Mary. She's passionate about education and information, and using data and science to make decisions. Khaleelah came to Isbel because she believes that relationships are such an integral part of life, but are often the last thing people invest in. She's hoping to shift that paradigm.

Sarah McMurchie, Client Care Director

Sarah has been a Sex Educator and Coach since 2013. She holds aM.Ed. from Widener University in Human Sexuality, the leading institution for sex education in North America, and a BA in Psychology from University ofDenver. Her passion for the field of sexuality was sparked in Thailand while talking with village women about what it meant to be a woman. Sarah discovered that sex and love were not as important as survival and community – an intriguing belief set which ignited her academic pursuit and career.

Our Beliefs

  • Sex, love and intimacy are a natural part of a woman’s life.
  • Everyone needs a safe place to get support, a respite from fear or shame.
  • Women are a patchwork of colors, shapes and desires.
  • Not all information for women is considered equal – we believe in validated data, proven by scientific study or verified expert opinion.
  • We are more powerful together, than apart.
  • For sex, love and relationships to become a normalized part of everyday life, we need the information and data necessary to talk about them.