Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I just Google my question?
Our service uses a blended approach. If you purchase our service, you’ll have a therapist, medical professional and sex educator at your disposal to offer you support, information and guidance. What they provide is personalized, verified, holistic and academically supported. Top that, Google!

Why is this better than going to see my doctor?
Some things aren’t just medical. There are biological but also psychological and social issues at the heart of many of the inquiries we receive. What better way to get the full picture than with a blended team made of not only a medical professional, but a therapist and a sex educator, too? In addition, there’s no commute time, it’s cheaper than going to see all three separately (which you’d need to do for a holistic look at all the factors) and, our favorite reason, you can interact with our team confidentially, anonymously and from the comfort of your own home.

Is my information secure?
Your security is our highest priority. Each member of your Care Team has gone through rigorous background checks, and they engage with your information only through our proprietary system to ensure your confidentiality and security.

Why should I trust the people answering my question?
Each member of your Care Team is educated in the field she is working in. In addition, she has tons of professional experience in these areas, harnessing data and background by working with a large number of clients, which she then uses on each case she works on here at Isbel. Finally, each member of the Care Team, since they work with clients outside of Isbel, is truly here because they want to be- they want to help women live their fullest, healthiest and happiest lives.

How long will it take to get through the Care Package™ process?
If you purchased your Care Package™ right now, and filled out your Self Assessment form right away, the following steps would occur:
-We match you with your Care Team, all of whom have experience and background working in the area most relevant to you (24 hours)
-Your Care Team reviews your case (48 hours)
-Your Care Team sends you the Case Review, which includes initial recommendations and impressions. This is a chance for you to give them feedback- they want to know if they’ve got things right, and if you like what they are thinking of recommending for you (within three days of receiving your initial form)
-You provide them with comments on whether you want to proceed with what they’re recommending- or if you want them to take a look again (this takes as long as you decide it takes to review and get back to your Care Team!)
-You receive a Care Package™, a PDF that you can print for your records, which includes in-depth recommendations, guidance, support and information (within 3 days of your response to the Care Team)
If you filled out your Self Assessment and your Case Review within 24 hours of receiving them, your experience will take a week. After that, you have two extra weeks of support from your Care Team, where you can try the recommendations they’ve sent, ask questions to clarify information they’ve included for you and just give them updates on how you’re doing (because who doesn’t want to be held accountable to make positive progress in their lives!?).

What kinds of queries are best for the Care Package™ service?
We receive lots of different types of inquiries, but here’s a breakdown of the most common areas:
-29% come to us for support around sexual incompatibility (differences in amount of sex/libido, timing, preferences, etc.)
-24% come to us about personal issues with sex (discomfort, body confidence, low libido, no enjoyment, etc.)
-20% come to us for help on relationships and dating (bad patterns, breakups, creating connection, etc.)
-17% come to us wanting to learn about or improve their orgasms
-10% come to us to check on their physical body, health and ask questions about anatomy
Visit our service page for a better idea of why people come to us.

I’m a survivor of sexual assault. Does this service provide therapy and support for survivors like myself?
We can’t tell you what is right for you. We do recommend, however, that survivors of sexual assault receive therapy dedicated completely and directly to the assault before they come to us, so they can take advantage of and find benefit in this service.

What do I get paying for this service?
Not only do you get access to a medical professional, nurse and sex educator, who are ready to support you and provide you with information, data, advice and guidance they’ve collected from years on the job (and lots of time in school), you get two weeks of assistance after your initial interaction with them. We want to set you up on the road to success, which is why we offer the ability for you to ask for clarification, help, more information, advice or even accountability.

What if I really like the Care Team, can I continue working with them afterwards?
Yes, we offer an add-on service that you can purchase.

When is this service not appropriate?
If you are under 18 you’ll need to get parental consent before using our service. If you are a survivor of sexual assault, or are experiencing something that may require prolonged treatment, we recommend you receive that treatment before you use this service. At times, this service can act as a complement to prolonged therapy or treatment. Ask a qualified mental health professional when in doubt.

How do I begin the service?
Click here to buy the service and get started.

How can I begin to express myself in my initial Self Assessment?
If you feel like you are overwhelmed at communicating with our team about why you’ve come to us, never fear! Your Care Team is trained to be accessible, ask questions and dig deep to the heart of the matter. They make sure they’ve got the situation clear in their minds before giving you their final recommendations.

I can’t find my email with the Self Assessment or Case Review link, what do I do?
First, check your Spam folder! If you still can’t find it, email us at

Why haven’t I gotten my PDF yet?
First check your Spam folder! If it still isn’t here, confirm you’ve filled out your initial intake form and your feedback form for your Care Team. If you’ve done all of this, and still haven’t received your PDF within three days of your last interaction, email us at

It’s been a month and I am just now doing the actions my Care Team recommended, can I still follow up with them and ask questions?
After you receive your PDF, you have two weeks of support included in your initial Care Package™ . If two weeks has passed, and you still want support, you can purchase our add-on package.

What if I want you to use a different email than the one you are sending my stuff to?
Email Also, if you haven’t filled it out yet, there is an option on your initial intake form to tell us what email you want us to send information to.