Support tailored to you and your life

Very few issues and concerns regarding relationships, sex and dating have a simple solution or answer. That’s why we use a care team approach, providing you with experienced professionals who collaborate to blend medical knowledge, a deep understanding of mental well-being, and how to achieve transformation via small changes in your life.

How It Works

You determine how much support you need from an Isbel care team, whether 1 week, 1 month or 1 year. Get your Starter Package within a few days of completing your Self Assessment, and then use it self-guided on your own, or continue to receive coaching and insight from your care team week-to-week.

Complete Our Virtual Self Assessment

Take our 30-minute expert-designed questionnaire to help focus your thoughts and ensure a personalized plan.

Match With Your Care Team

You’ll be matched with a licensed and vetted therapist, sex educator and medical professional, who will work to design a tailored plan for your goals.

Receive Your Starter Package

Your care team shares their analysis and recommendations for positive change. Work with them to confirm your goals and commit to your first actions.

Get Guidance To Reach Your Goals

Stay on track towards reaching the goals outlined in your Starter Package with mentorship, expertise and guidance from your care team. All communications via email for ease.

Clients Come To Us For a Variety of Reasons

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years and counting. He’s the first person I’ve had sex with, and while I really enjoy it, I can never orgasm – he always finishes before I am close.

I am 25 years old and have never had a boyfriend. I desperately want to be in a relationship but haven’t seem to find someone who actually wants to “date” me, they seem to only want me sexually. I went 7 years without any sexual activity in hopes of not letting my feelings get hurt, I just recently became sexually active again and I am finding that I can not keep my emotions separate when I am sleeping with someone casually.
I used to have a high interest in sex and enjoy it very much. Something changed, even before I got married, and I don’t know why. I seem to not need sex any more and I don’t enjoy it (I don’t mind it either though). I know it could be related to some health conditions, but I wonder if it’s also related to my age or my relationship with my partner. Its not something I want to talk about with others, but Im willing to try being open about it.

I very rarely spontaneously want sex and wish I wanted it more. My husband is always eager to go. We have a great relationship and I’d like to be in the mood more recently for him.

Want to know more about your team of experts?

We only hire industry experts with work experience and educational qualifications including advanced degrees and board certifications. All members of our team have also passed criminal and background checks.

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