Isbel, Your “Personal” Assistant

We address the questions your friends can’t answer. Our Quick Consult service connects you to a vetted Sex and Relationship Specialist — a Master’s or PhD sex educator — who works as your Care Team with a nurse and therapist. Within a week, they create a Care Package of insights, tools, and actionable next steps you need to be your best sexual self.

  • How do I feel more comfortable being naked in front of my partner?
  • I often experience painful sex – how do I know if we are compatible?
  • I am new and nervous. What do I need to know?

How It Works

Step 1

Let us get to know you! Share your concern or question. It’s 100% confidential.

Step 2

Your Care Team is assembled, and contacts you with additional clarification questions (as needed).

Step 3

Receive their final Care Package, full of insight, resources, and recommendations.

Step 4 (optional)

Choose to extend support from your Care Team via text and email on a monthly basis.

Our Philosophy

  • Connector.

    The best support is personalized to you and backed by scientific research.

    All questions are good questions and your team of experts have got your back with top notch, credible, data-backed answers. For those of you with specific questions about sex, intimacy or your relationship, we believe in providing answers that will assist you in making the kind of change you want in your relationship.

  • Connector.

    Support should be positive and foward-looking, not negative and backward-focused.

    We work with you to identify your issue, define focused and measurable goals, amplify the strengths you already have, and measure your progress – all based on the validated Solution-Focused Brief Therapy. We focus on the solution, not the problem.

  • Connector.

    Support is only helpful when it equips you to make positive change.

    We believe that in order to change your life, you have to change your life. We are action-oriented to make sure we do more than listen: together, we find action for you to take. We harness principles of Behavioral Therapy to help you choose actions that have positive effects, creating positive feedback cycles that help your relationship now and in the future.


Save Time. No more spending hours sifting through all the well-meaning advice on Google. By coming straight to the source, you get answers directly from the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

An answer that fits your needs. We’ll design an answer best for you. Depending on your needs, you will receive an answer from your Experts that is education-based, action-oriented, support focussed, or a combination of all three.

You get an entire team of experts. Your Experts answer you with the most up-to-date answers based off of the latest research and data.

Sample Quick Consult Requests

See what our clients have asked from our Specialists and Care Teams.

My husband loves me but doesn’t have that desire or passion for me, due to the guilt of infidelity on his part and past arguments in our 25 years of marriage.a female client
I wish I were better at sex. Granted my wife is almost always satisfied and so am I, but I still feel like should be better then I am.a male client
I am pregnant, and just feel weird having sex, like I am not protecting my baby. Everyone I talk to mentions the crazy desire they had during their pregnancies. Is this normal? a female client




  • Care Package
  • Extended Support From Care Team
  • Access to our Global State of Women & Relationships Research Study and Trend Reports



  • Care Package
  • 6 Months of Extended Support From Care Team
  • Access to our Global State of Women & Relationships Research Study and Trend Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

There is so much information at there these days. Its great that you can have the world at your fingertips, but it’s also overwhelming to sift through all the options and find the most credible, vetted sources. Plus, unless you’re an industry expert, it can be difficult discerning between what looks like good information and what truly is the best information. We not only provide data-backed, vetted information from experts with graduate degrees, the information you receive is customized to you. Top that, Google!
Our alternative is a great way to get an answer to a specific question, or find out more about something you’ve been thinking about for a long time. Although our approach is based on brief solution-based therapy that hopes to answer your question or leave you with an action plan to take care of an issue, we can also help refer you to vetted therapists for longer term care.
No question is silly, or too small or big for our experts. If you have a question, we have an answer.
Our team is the only one in the digital world that mixes medical professionals, counselors, therapists and PhDs to bring you answers to your sex, intimacy and relationship questions. Every single person on our response team is vetted via the strictest standards* and undertakes our rigorous training, including brief solution-based therapy, coaching, basic sex education, and difficult communications – to give you the results you desire.
We use state of the art technology to ensure that all your information is safe and secure. We know you’re going to share sensitive information, and we honor and respect that it needs to be taken care of with the trustiest of hands.