Relationship, Sex and Dating Digital Counseling

$50.00 / week

A new way to make positive change in your relationship, sex and dating life. Inspired by the techniques that help addicts break negative patterns and transform their lives, Isbel is designed to help women take steps towards improved romantic relationships.

What You Get:

*  A care team of a vetted, highly-qualified sex educator, sex and relationship therapist, and nurse, for questions and guidance.

*  Starter Package, designed by your care team, that is personalized to every client. Information, guidance, and recommendations for you to begin to make change.

*  Support and coaching via messaging with your care team, as you commit to taking action and improving your relationship, sex and dating life. Think of your care team as your personal trainer, pushing you to practice and improve, available 5 days a week.

What We Promise:

✓ 100% happiness guaranteed. We are here to support our clients and help them bring positive change to their romantic relationships.  We are not satisfied unless you are.

✓ Confidentiality of personal information you share. See our Terms for more details on how we protect access to your data, and when we delete it.

✓ True expertise.  All of our care team professionals are not self-proclaimed sexperts or simply licensed as general practitioners. Instead, they meet our rigorous requirements in relevant specialty areas e.g., women’s health, sex therapy, couples counseling.

✓ Cancel anytime.  After our clients receive the Starter Package from their care teams, some are comfortable moving forward on their own, and some want continued support for months. You choose for how long you want support as you move forward.