Personalized, virtual support for your sex, relationship and private life.

myCollectiveConsult™, our premier product, is the first service to bring together a collective: a blended team of therapists, sex educators and medical professionals. Whatever reason you come to us, whatever you’re experiencing in your relationship or sex life, our team will offer you support, information and guidance that fits your individual situation and needs.

Data-backed, confidential support, just for you.

You'll be matched with your MyCareCrew™, a collective team composed of a medical professional, therapist and sex educator. Your team will use our proprietary support methodology to provide you with personalized, data-backed guidance and advice to support you in your relationship, sex and private life. The best part? You get a considered yet rapid response, and follow up support to make real, tangible changes. And, you can do all this from the comfort and confidentiality of your home.

Who Is Isbel?

Our trio of female founders are reshaping the way women think, find and receive information about sex, relationships and their personal lives.

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By completing the service as it is designed, we guarantee results in your relationship, sex and private life, or your money back. We will also help you find a sex therapist, counselor, educator or medical professional in your area to sustain and support your progress.